Because of developers like Nivi about Odeo, Greg at EditGrid and the fellow who sent me this email this morning:
How do you do? I keep coming across your interesting blog posts. Liked particularly the ones titled "IS VENTURE CAPITAL HEADING FOR A DOWNTURN?", Part I and Part II. Tracking Zoho in the blogosphere is one of my prime interests & nice that you continue to use Zoho Writer & keep refering to the Zoho services in your blog! It makes us proud when you say, "theirs are the products that countless other entrepreneurs and businesses will be using". But at the same time, we feel your pain when you are unable to use Zoho Writer ("Zoho has been fucked up all day"). Kindly accept our sincere apologies. Yes, Zoho Writer was down for around 45 minutes on April 24th. We are working on improving our services & a more stable version of Zoho Writer will be available soon (most probably next week) as we move over to a grid based technology. Continue using Zoho ("I am hoping to use the Zoho family for business use starting later this fall" :-)) & do give your valuable feedback. Sorry once again, for the inconvenience caused. With warm regards, Arvind Zoho
I have had email correspondence from all three of these fellows, and Greg and Arvind (and yes, Arch, the name did freak me out at first) have posted comments. Hell, Nivi wrote me about Odeo when I asked a question about Slawesome -- how cool is that? As I've said in previous posts, it's their direct contact with the users that makes 2.0's so much greater than the "old school" way of taking care of users. I know that as their user base increases that won't be so easy for them, but their blogs and forums are another way for users to interact with them and with each other, and help each other along. As a hippie blogger who moved out from under her mother's roof and into cooperative housing, I'm right in my comfort zone. Well, that personal contact and the fact that many of the sites' stylesheets are cute & cuddly, yet sophisticated. Just like my kittygirl.


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3 Responses to “WHY 2.0 IS GOING TO TAKE OVER”

  1. Arvind says:

    Om Malik’s mail signature contains the sentence “this message is not for blogging”. May be I should have that too ;-)

    What can I say but thanks!!

  2. David says:

    Hi! I’m just wondering who is “Greg” at EditGrid. Anyway, he must be someone who is helping us~ Thanks Greg!

    This is David at EditGrid.

  3. Oh lord, David, I’m a chmod, forgive me!